Take Rice Purity Test Right Now!

Some of the tests below are from Eric’s Rice Purity Test Questions, run through the conversion app described above. Since I put up the purity test scorer, I have found it being used for new tests by web authors who found one of the existing tests and changed the questions to those from a different pool. I’ve added some of those tests here. More recently, I’ve found a bunch of tests in HTML format, with the questions given as HTML lists. This format is also easy to (mostly automatically) convert to a checkbox test, so I’ve added a bunch of them here.

rice purity test 2

Some test authors have created tests specifically to use the scoring program here, and have submitted them to me. If you have a new test which uses this scoring system that you would like to see added, feel free to point me at it. Please don’t be offended if I decide not to add it. I’ve gotten enough requests for additions that I am now only adding those that are particularly interesting and different. As you can see below, there are already plenty of sex tests.


You can use this web interface to create a purity test that uses The Armory’s automatic scoring system. Or, if you want to create a purity test from scratch, see this explanation of how to write one.

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